OLPP is the largest company operating in the Polish market offering services including fuel storage, warehousing of stocks and reserves of petroleum products, blending fuels with biocomponents and refining additives, transshipment of fuels as well as maintaining obligatory reserves of liquid fuels (stock ticket contract service).

OLPP is the owner of 22 Fuel Storage Depots used to store petrol, diesel oil, light furnace oil and aviation fuel, comprising a total storage capacity of 1.8 million m3.

Five major depots in Koluszki, Nowa Wieś Wielka, Boronów, Rejowiec Poznański and Emilianów are located at end terminals of long-distance fuel pipelines.

Four depots located along the eastern border of Poland feature broad- to standard-gauge railway tanker transshipment terminals allowing for an annual transshipment capacity of 2.7 million tons of fuels and gases.

The Fuel Storage Depot in Dębogórze, featuring a sea terminal, offers the capability to receive or send 1.2 million tons of fuels annually.

OLPP also offers services for refining and blending fuels and carrying out laboratory analyses of petroleum products.

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